10+ Animal Rescues That Will Break Your Heart

Today in this post, we will tell you some rescued animals that will break your heart. A woman noticed a dog beside the road alone abandoned and frightened. She sought shelter from the approaching rainstorm, she was surprised that someone stopped to help her. She was so happy to see a man helping her. “I will never forget that cry of hers when she realized she was safe” said that woman. Probably she was left there sad tired and scared. A woman took her to the shelter, she ate with a great appetite.

This angry cat got in trouble his leg got stuck in a net so aggressive. He wouldn’t trust people at all. So much stress for this baby, he was screaming so desperately and aggressively. After realizing he ran away so fast to his mom.

A man sprung into action when he spotted a baby skunk in his swimming pool. The animal was okay after being removed from the water.

This is a rescue of two abandoned puppies who were left in the middle of nowhere. Rescuers found these two puppies in a sacred place where people come to relax and say a prayer but today it was a place where people had abandoned their pets. All alone separated from their mother too early, why were they thrown away like trash. These gentle cuddly creatures surely deserved better.

If you said it was an alive being, would you believe it? We didn’t believe it either but in fact this is a calf that fell into the bit. Two men and got stuck, the exhausted baby hardly moved. He was very tired just trying to get out it’s scary to think what would happen without help but luckily he’s fine now.
The dog splashed right into the icy water in the frozen pond. Suddenly a man with a naked torso appeared. He confidently but cautiously came to the poor dog. The dog was scared and didn’t understand that he wanted to help so he bit his rescuer. What happens next to this dog?
Lulu was a stray puppy living alone in an urban village. She was hiding in a barn, she was coming to people very cautiously not trusting, enough scared abandoned and without her mother, this little princess got a bath in the shelter. She was gentle and calm. After bath and food, she started to feel safe. Also Lulu likes to play a lot, now she has a warm loving home.
Animal rescue tech necks rushed in to help the raccoon stuck in a jar. The veterinary team on an animal rescue ambulance removed the jar and the plastic ring that could have caused suffocation. It just looks bad all around. Luckily for this guy, the process was pretty quick.

Sometimes, animals really need our help. Fortunately there are many heroes around ready to save weak creatures. The work your local shelter does may be hindered by an outdated animal control ordinance or, for municipal shelters, an inadequate budget. You can help by rallying support from your elected officials and working with shelter and rescue leaders to make necessary changes.
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