10+ Touching Animal Rescues That Will Melt Your Heart

The rescue helpline received a call about a dog which was stuck inside a well for about 12 hours. He was absolutely exhausted by the time the team reached the scene. They chose to catch the dog with the net instead of repelling into the well.

Once the net was introduced into the water, the dog was so grateful that he immediately swam to the net. The net was raised carefully from the well and the dog was given a once-over for external injuries finding none. The doggie was released nearby

All of us can make a difference for animals in our everyday lives, whether it’s by adopting a pet, choosing products not tested on animals, eating a humane diet or engaging your community in animal protection issues

This little doggie was so exhausted from living on the streets that when he saw a human getting too close he bolted look at his nails

Rescuers decided to bring these two tiny babies to the rescue center and try to change their life once back at the center the babies were given a thorough checkup by the vet.

Please watch video below:

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