12-year-old boy builds LEGO wheelchair for Gracie – a stray 2 legged puppy

Gracie, a dog, had a difficult start in life. She was abandoned by her owners as a puppy and found in a deplorable state, coated with maggots and with fur missing below her eyes. She also lacked her front two legs due to a congenital abnormality. She was brought to Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue and was able to find a home despite everything. Tammy Turley and her family adopted her.

They gave Gracie a second chance that many people wouldn’t have. “Some people were saying, ‘oh, a dog like that should be put to sleep, what quality of life is she gonna have?’” Tammy told The Dodo. “But now that everyone’s met her they’re like ‘oh my god, she’s so happy!’”
Gracie also has two dog siblings—one of whom has three legs and the other is paralyzed in his hind legs. Despite her disability Gracie proved to be a happy, energetic dog, hopping around using her hind legs. While this worked okay, Tammy was worried that Gracie was hurting herself, and sought out a more comfortable way for her to get around.
She looked into getting a wheelchair, but since Gracie was only a puppy and would quickly outgrow the fit it wasn’t worth getting. But what if there was a way to make an affordable wheelchair that could easily be customized as the puppy grew up? Turns out, there was a perfect, out-of-the-box solution: LEGO.
It can be really tough for a disabled pet. They require a little extra love… but regrettably, some individuals are unwilling or incapable of providing that love, and instead abandon their pets. But for Tammy, the story is a lesson in how we should never give up on special needs dogs, who just need a helping hand.  “She’s just like any other dog, so I don’t want people to feel sorry for her, I want them to enjoy her.” Such a great human, thank you so much!
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