Alden Richards Spits Out The Reason AlDub Decided Not To “Walk In The Same Road”

If there’s one phenomenon that has taken the entire Filipino entertainment industry by storm, it’s definitely Eat Bulaga AlDub, the love team that brought Alden Richards and Mendoza of Maine to fame. It’s been more than *seven years* since the pair debuted on TV, but they’re still one of the most talked about duos online.

ICYMI, Alden and Maine recently made headlines after what the actress described as “delusional” AlDub fans claimed that she and her former love team mate were married and had children. It comes after an “AlDub cult” video showing diehard followers lighting candles for their idol went viral on the internet.

Since the issue erupted, Alden has been criticized online for being ~not talking~.

In a recent interview, however, the actor revealed the real reason why AlDub decided to go their separate ways despite its massive success, clarifying that it wasn’t their intention to ~fool~ themselves or their viewers in any way.

“Everything that people saw about AlDub was organic… That’s what we wanted to show. We didn’t have a script for that whole ‘Kalyeserye’ thing, so Maine and I just played along with it,” he says.

“But none of what Maine and I said was orchestrated or planned ahead […] Everything was based on impulse or improvisation, which probably explains why the story that developed felt so organic. Pero walang halong pretensiyon ‘yun. Hindi namin niloko ang mga sarili namin. So, when we saw each other for the first time, it really was our first time to meet in person, kaya nga it was called ‘Tamang Panahon.’”

Despite the love team being a national phenomenon that garnered millions of fans all over the country, Alden and Maine decided that it was best to pursue different plans. “Eventually, what Maine and I both wanted became clear to us. I had my own plans, and Maine had plans of her own. Minsan, hindi mo pwedeng i-align ang plano mo sa plano ng iba kasi iba-iba kayo ng direction,” he shares.

“Wag ipilit or baka you’ll end up fighting or having a misunderstanding. So, we opted to go our separate ways as friends.”

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