15 Rare Animals Impressing By Unique Colors

In wildlife, some animals wear unique, beautiful colors on their fur. In many situations, these colors help the animals to survive in the wild. For example, the pink orchid mantis looks like a flower to attract insects with its unusual color. Unfortunately, other species such as white lions and tigers are endangered since their rare colors attract poachers. This article is going to show you the vast color palette of the animal world. Prepare to be amazed!

1. Rosy maple moth

© PiccoloNamek / wikipedia

2. Sunbeam snake

© painthands / twitter

3. Pink orchid mantis

© imgur

4. Mandarinfish

© Luc Viatour / wikipedia

5. Peacock mantis shrimp

Peacock Mantis Shrimp

6. Madagascan sunset moth

Madagascan sunset moth (Chrysiridia rhipheus), Vohimana reserve, Madagascar

7. Pink-necked green pigeon

Pink-necked Green-pigeon Male BP_29012012_001

8. Pink striped hummingbird moth

© PQ631 / imgur

9. Golden mantelle

Golden Mantelle (Mantella aurantiaca), Torotorofotsy marshes, Madagascar

10. Oriental dwarf kingfisher

Night jungle trek- Black Backed/ Oriental Dwarf kingfisher

11. Cuckoo wasp

Sleepy Jewel

12. Boxfish

© sydkab

13. Rainbow nymph

Rainbow Nymph

14. Blue carpenter bee

© whatsthatbug

15. White lion and white tiger

© Barry Bland

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