Sofia Andres confesses that she has ability to ‘read people, see their auras’

The ability to perceive someone’s aura has been discussed by Sofia Andres, who describes it as both a blessing and a burden.

On Monday, December 19, the actress posted on her own Instagram account about how she has always believed in energy. Additionally, Andres’ post contains quotations on inner peace and self-love from the Indian-Canadian poet Rupi Kaur and the American health entrepreneur Robyn Conley Downs.

“This coming 2023, I’m all for loving myself more and know what I deserve. I’m a #1 believer of ENERGY since I was a little kid. It’s [both a] blessing and a curse. I honestly can read people, I can see their auras, their colors. I know that some of you will find these things weird. But I’m not afraid anymore,” Andres wrote.

“I have been studying this gift for years and it really helps with my anxiety. I have always known that I’m different. I’m extra sensitive, selective and misunderstood… I’m excited for 2023 to come & Happy Holidays! Protect your peace,” she said.

Andres is known for her appearances in “Forevermore” and “Pusong Ligaw.” She previously held a groundbreaking ceremony in Batangas to mark the construction of her family’s second home in October 2022. EDV

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