4 beasts in real life can make you pop-eyed

Have you ever believed that beasts do exist in our real life? It’s not just only the theory, it is 100 percent virtual.
Follow us to discover 4 giant monsters that will make you surprise.

1. Giant sea worm

Barry, the name of a giant sea worm that lives at a Newquay aquarium has turned into a worldwide phenomenon for his exploits. It has a hard coat making adults itchy, even numb. It’s over four feet, around 1.2 meters in length, with two long antennae on its head and numerous bristles. The main dish for Barry is small fish, and the portion of his meal is a whole school of fish weighing 91kg when hiding under the reefs of the marine park in Cornwall (UK). It deserves to be called a dangerous creature for damaging the balance of the biological system. To catch this “monster”, the staff at Cornwall park had to use a large fish trap to lure it out of their lair, only to be able to capture this voracious killer.

Giant sea worm

2. Longest “sea monster” world record ever drifted

This “water monster” once appeared on the coast of Vietnam with features such as being many meters long, spotty skin, red fins, and a crest on the top of the head. It is known that this is the longest-living fish in the world called the oarfish of the family Regalecidae. This fish also set a Guinness World Record with a length of 17m. Historically, this fish was seen as a sea monster, a giant sea snake, or a sea dragon. However, according to scientists, the boat puffer fish is not harmful to humans.

“Sea Monster” has a world record length that has ever drifted

3. Monster Montauk

This hairless and toothless monster was found in the Montauk area, on the coast of Long Island, USA. The nose of this strange creature has decomposed, forming a beak that closely resembles the beak of a very strange bird.
According to some sources, this monster may be a mutation product of experiments at the animal disease research center. Some people think this is a turtle without a shell. However, there is still no exact information about the origin of this strange creature.

3. Monster Montauk

4. New Jersey Giant Eel

Fishermen in New Jersey once caught a giant eel with a strange mouth and extremely dangerous sharp teeth. According to experts, this creature has a similar shape to a lamprey but is unusually large. The researchers also warn of environmental pollution affecting the system, and ecology and this giant eel is one of the consequences. Lampreys are small, rocky fish that feed on seaweed or plankton, sometimes attaching to larger fish to suck blood.

New Jersey Giant Eel

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