450 Homeless Dogs Are Rescued By A Man! What a kind-hearted human

Can you believe me if I say a man saved 450 dogs? It’s hard to believe, but it’s a true story. Every dog would have a home in a perfect world. But we don’t live in an ideal world, do we? Try explaining it to Serbia’s Sasa Peji.

Sasa Pejčić turned a former equestrian club stable into a haven for the stray dogs he rescues from the streets. All of the pups are vaccinated and microchipped. Many of them are adopted by loving families. Until that day comes, the dogs spend their time playing on the property and receiving tons of love from Sasa. They spend their nights sleeping inside, where they are warm and safe.
Sasa couldn’t bear seeing the misery of street dogs all around him – abused, starved, and lonely dogs could be found everywhere. Death at the hands of dogcatchers was the only choice to live on the streets.
Sasa converted an old riding club barn into a home for stray dogs he rescued. Harmony Fund is a wonderful safe haven. Not because of how many dogs live there, but because of how they live!

“I know how each dog arrived at my shelter, I know their names, and I know their personalities,” Pesic explains as he pats one of his pets. It now houses over 450 dogs, but Pesic may soon have to move his canine horde since the city requires him to do so.

These dogs would be without a home, food, or hope if it weren’t for Peji. Their lives are virtually doggie paradise, thanks to him.

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