An 87- kilogram dog was forgotten under a tree for a long time and He was nearly Exhausted

Rich’s neighbor informed me of his condition. His owner moved out of town and left him here. Rich had not eaten for many days. His 87kg body was about to be exhausted. Because he was lonely and because he was afraid of hunger and cold, he could not stop crying.
It was thought that Rich would be a fierce dog because of his somewhat scary appearance, but the truth was quite the opposite.

Rich was gentle and exemplary. When he learned that he was rescued, he was overjoyed and followed me away. I put the big dog in the car and went to the clinic for important tests. Although winter has come, in order to be clean, Rich needed to shave off all his shaggy hair. It took more than 2 hours for the staff here to finish processing his fur. The tests also gave good results. The doctor planned to sterilize him before returning to normal life.
Although abandoned, it seems that Rich’s faith in humanity has not been lost. He was a gentle, big dog with the soul of a child. I still could not understand how they could abandon such a wonderful dog. Rich’s sterilization surgery was a success.
Watch full video of Rich as below:

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