A dog immediately rescues baby deer without a doubt when seeing the poor animal drowning

Animals are said to have an amazing sense of smell to know when others are in trouble. It seems that they will never hesitate to help those in need, whether they are animals or humans. It is also said that the only animals that commit cruel acts are humans. Dogs, however, are the perfect creatures. This is the story of a wonderful dog that went viral in an unexpected way.

It all started near the port Jefferson harbor. A man had taken his dog swimming and having fun. They often came to this place and stayed as long as they could. They liked this place because it used to be quite secluded and they could play. The dog’s owner took a video of their time together and that’s when their story changed. Good boy storm says a man’s voice calling the golden retriever as he paddles towards a brown lump bobbing in the water. The dog grabs it in his mouth and drags it towards the beach.

This was filmed by his owner and has been seen by 4.5 million people on facebook. If you go into the video, you will notice that what the dog was towing, was much bigger than a ball or stick it looks like it was still alive.

In some ways, we will have to look the dog or other animals as an example to live better. Sometimes, when we are too mean and selfish with other, we even behave badly.
“The dog… he is very heroic and caring”- @catmosim5854 comments
“Inspiring,legendary,heartwarming and incredible”- other audience says after watching video

A dog with his need to retrieve spearheaded the rescue said gooding the animal rescuer the details he said don’t really matter as long as he’s happy. In the end dogs truly have a heart of gold and have the ability to sense danger storm was a hero. In this case, do you have a hero dog in your life? Be sure to share their story with us. You never know when your dog may end up being our next hero. Please watch video below for full story:


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