A few unique gorgeous sea creatures you may never seen before

Have you ever wondered about the world under the ocean? You might think deep sea creatures are scary and weird. In this post, we have covered some of the world’s most amazing and beautiful sea animals that you won’t believe actually exist in real life. Let’s get started!

#1. Royal starfish

This beautiful little fish ranges from blue to purple color with pale to bright orange marginal plates. Its arms can be around 0.8 to 4.8 inches in length and it can weigh around 5 kilograms. The Royal starfish is Konev war by nature needs mollusks. It captures them with its arms and then puts them into its mouth cavity. Unlike other starfish, royal starfish does not shoe its food rather it swallows it whole.

Royal starfish

#02. Phyllidia Babai

This beautiful little creature is found in the water of lion island, Australia, South Korea and in some other places. It is silver colored skin with multiple black rings all over its body. It has white color tentacles as well with grooves that are light yellow. It can reach up to 2.7 inches in length and are harmless by nature.

Photo captured from video

#03. Red lionfish

It is normally found in the Indo-Pacific water, Caribbean Sea as well as the eastern coast of the United States. The red lionfish along with another species of its genus is considered invasive. They can grow to be 18.5 inches in length and are the biggest lion fish species in the world.

Photo captured from video

#04. Berghia coerulescens
Berghia Coerulescens is mostly found across the central and western coast of the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean as well. The color of its body is white with numerous blue colored serrata with yellow tips all over it. There are also some orange color marks on the forehead as well. It can be 27.5 inches in length and feed on sea anonomys for food.

Photo captured from video

#05. Crown of thorns starfish

Photo captured from video

This kind of starfish is disc-shaped and as multiple arms covered with these deadly spines. They range from 9.8 to 13.8 inches in length and normally have 21 arms.

#06. Deep-sea jellyfish

Deep-sea jellyfish has a massive bell of about 39 inches as its head and has four long oral arms. Each of these arms is about 236 inches in length. It is very distinct, fire and thread-like tentacles as opposed to other jellyfish of it’s like. They expand to contract their Bell to move push water behind and move through it. They are carnivores and feed on small fishes eggs and other jellyfish.

Photo captured from video

To discover more nice sea creatures, please watch the video below.

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