A little boy with a prosthetic limb becomes the best friend of a dog born with one missing paw

A few years ago, a youngster lost his right leg to an illness. He was able to get a golden retriever without a right front paw with the support of his parents.

The therapist was scrolling on Facebook when she saw a post about a dog missing a paw. It was important to them to find a caring family to call home. The therapist got in touch with the breeder to let her know she had a patient with a comparable expertise.
“We wanted the puppy to go to someone who also has a leg difference”, she explained.

“It was love at first sight”, the boy’s father recalls. The kids laughed, played with Marvel, and rolled around on the floor with her.

According to the boy’s mother, the appearance of the dog in the family increased her son’s activity, which had a direct impact on the development of his physical abilities.

“It allows him to tell other kids, ‘Oh, she doesn’t have enough paws, she looks like me.'” And it gives him a voice to defend himself,’ the woman explained.
There’s no doubt that their unique friendship will continue to grow. Marvel currently moves on three legs, but she will be able to use a wheelchair or prosthesis if necessary. Watch video to see more:

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