A Little Puppy Was Abandoned In Remote Area in Starving and Skinny Condition, Fortunately These Kind Human Appear…

Dogs, cats, rabbits, and other domesticated animals need on human caregivers to keep them secure, happy, and healthy. Some of these animals are fortunate enough to be placed into permanent, responsible homes. Unfortunately, there are many more animals in need of a loving home than there are individuals ready or able to give them a lifetime of love and support. Today we will tell the rescueing story of a poor abandoned puppy in remote area.

The stray dog was found in starving, dirty condition in a remote house alone. He was scared of human so when the rescuer team came, he tried to hide again in the sewer pipe.
The rescuer slowly and gently picked him out and gave some food. He was extremely hungry.
Everyday all over the world, thousands of stray animals are lost, abandoned, abused, or unwanted, especially dogs and cats. Please care more about animals around because they really need you. Watch video below to see full story of this poor little puppy:

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