A touching story about a mother deer saving her frozen child on the side of the road

A mother deer came to the aid of her young, which had become stranded in the middle of a Washington state roadway. On Sunday, a driver shared a video on Instagram of a doe going toward her fawn on a Port Orchard highway. When the mother discovered her kid, it was lying flat on its stomach.

A driver witnessed the incident and was able to record it on his phone, which he subsequently posted on his Facebook page, where it went viral. At the time, Jessie Larson was driving down Washington’s Port Orchard Highway when she stumbled across the animal.

The mother initially believed the deer was in danger and was about to go outside to assist the baby. However, she saw her mother arrive after only a few moments and began capturing the scenario she was observing.
Mom approached the fawn with caution since it was terrified. When Jessie saw the deer, she instantly shut off the car engine so the animals wouldn’t be startled. Then something remarkable happened: the mother tenderly caressed her baby, that had been puzzled. And she succeeded: the little deer quickly climbed to its feet and followed its mother.
Jessie followed them with her eyes for a long time, surprised at her mother’s sensitivity to animals and affection for her babies.
Watch this precious moment as video below:

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