A young man wrapped a blanket over his pet to keep him warm

A young child’s bond with the family dog is one of life’s most precious sights. Parents treat them like brothers and devote themselves to their well-being, ensuring that their children develop and grow up together.

Many times, the only thing the tiny ones in the arena care about is playing with their pets. For the same reason that this child has found the unconditional relationship he craves with his Golden Retriever. One day, the father wanted to videotape his children and captured a sweet moment between them.

The little boy was getting worried about how cold his little dog might be feeling, so he decided to go find all the blankets he could find and began to wrap him in them. As a result of a great scene very moving.

“This is good for him,” the little one is heard saying when he finishes wrapping the puppy around his back and then proceeds to throw another layer over her. Although the puppy doesn’t seem to understand what’s going on, he doesn’t seem very comfortable either. Because he sure wasn’t that cold, he lets his little brother play with him anyway.

Meanwhile, the father records everything with his mobile phone and even laughs a little at what his son is doing to the dog. He also took a little pity on what was happening to his dog, who still did not feel very comfortable with what was happening.

“Are you happy? You are a very good boy, very patient,” he tells the dog, who just sat there while the boy covered him with blankets. The boy also doesn’t seem to understand that his doggy friend isn’t entirely comfortable with the situation. But he does it all with the best of intentions, because this is how he usually plays with his dog. Watch video as below:

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