Abandoned Puppy Crying so Hard after Losing Her Mom & Dad Till These People Come…

There were 5 puppies reported in total near an abandoned factory workshop. We traveled 100 km to reach the site. The area was very poor and this is how our research began.

The place was very large and we didn’t see any signs of dogs. After walking in circles for a while, we reach a crossroad. And we have to choose which way to go.
We started looking inside the abandoned area, and just as we was about to give up, we saw her.
She was hiding there all this time, and even though she was scared, she didn’t run away from us. She was living with 4 other pups for a month, surviving on scraps and trash.
She was malnourished and very skinny. The good thing is she was used to people before being abandoned. We were not able to find any of her siblings. But the people we contacted have information.
“I can’t understand how anyone could abandon puppies in a place like this. At least drop them off at a vet or a rescue centre. To leave them with no food or water is just psychotic. Thank you for rescuing her and giving her her life she deserves.”- An audience comments.
We truly hope that animals will be protected everyday as they are our friends, please don’t ignore when you see an animal needs your help! Watch video as below and share with your friends:

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