Abused By A Team Of Young Men, The Kitten Almost Lost Its Life!

When Fay Richards left the house in the morning, she initially thought someone had left a pile of brown dirt in her yard. Only after taking a few steps in the direction of cryptic surprise, the woman realized that there was a cat in front of her. Holding the unfortunate animal in his arms, the benevolent rescuer rushed to the nearest veterinarian.

Then it turned out that her quick actions saved the poor feral cat’s life. Just a little bit more and the poor feline friend would simply die. Even a seasoned veterinarian would be horrified to see an exhausted cat!

A medical examination revealed the animal was unfortunately covered in concrete from head to toe and it was hardening. It’s terrible to imagine what a four-legged man in this horrible shell would be like. Because the powder got into her eyes, the cat couldn’t even see where the stranger was driving her.

Fortunately, it is now in the hands of veterinarians! Its belly is still wet, but on its back, the concrete has begun to harden, turning into a natural shell. The vet tried to clean the cat’s coat as best he could, but eventually gave up and decided to shave the unfortunate animal. Please watch video below:

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