After Years Praying for A Precious Baby, This Family Bursting out with Quadruplets 2 Years Later

After years of trying to get pregnant, a couple were surprised when they welcomed their miracle baby – a daughter. Two years later, their desire to expand their family has come true in a way they never imagined, and they are left speechless

Natalie Maree and her husband Kahn from Roebourne, Western Australia, tied the knot in 2013 and immediately began trying for a baby. When two years passed and nothing seemed to work for the couple, they sought medical advice.

There, they received a shocking piece of news—Natalie had anovulation, also known as unexplained infertility. But despite the unexpected diagnosis, the couple vowed to keep trying, allowing nothing to dampen their spirits.

Finally, in May 2018, they were blessed with their firstborn, an adorable baby girl named Kiana, whom the happy parents affectionately called “Kiki.” Natalie and Kahn were delighted to embrace parenthood and referred to their daughter as their “little miracle.”

However, an afternoon check-up with the doctor prepared them for the best and the worst.

While Roebourne’s parents are happy with their little princess, they know they want to expand their family. Something tugged at Natalie one day when she saw her 18-month-old daughter chatting with a doll – she didn’t want her little girl to play alone anymore. Before long, she and her husband were trying to have another child, until one day Natalie woke up with nausea. After feeling unwell for days, she underwent a blood test and the results were shocking – she was pregnant again. But the full surprise package has yet to be unwrapped.

In an exclusive interview, an overjoyed Natalie recounted noticing two sacs during her seven-week scan. While she initially thought she was pregnant with twins, the sonographer told her that wasn’t the case and that there were more.

Natalie’s jaw dropped, and she proceeded to correct herself. “Triplets,” she said with affirmation. But the sonographer didn’t seem convinced with her revised answer. Without uttering a word, “he held up four fingers,” which was reason enough for the couple to lose their sanity.

A High-Risk Pregnancy

When the initial shock passed and excitement kicked in, Natalie and Kahn couldn’t wait to hold their four bundles of joy. However, an afternoon check-up with the doctor prepared them for the best and the worst. The then-soon-to-be-mom recalled that she was told her pregnancy was bound to have complications.

Natalie added that she was even given the option of fetal reduction, but despite knowing the risks involved, she and Kahn couldn’t picture a world without their four blessings

Welcoming Four Miracles

On July 21, 2020, a 34-week pregnant Natalie delivered her quadruplets via C-section and welcomed motherhood with open arms. The Australian couple became parents to a boy and three girls—Maioha Kahn, 2.3 kg, Frankee Gene, 1.92 kg, Marley Rose, 2.2 kg, and Maddison Grace, 2.1 kg.

As was expected, Kiki was thrilled to have not one but four siblings to dote on and play with. The proud mother noted that her infants were perfectly okay but needed a little help with breathing, so it took them four weeks of careful observation before they could finally go home.

Despite having their hands full, Natalie was grateful for being blessed with four more miracles. She expressed, “We’re exhausted but blissfully happy.”

Since becoming a mother of five, Natalie has been documenting her journey on her Instagram account, “Kiki and the Quads.” From glimpses into her family’s daily routine to the physical and emotional changes she went through, she often shares honest accounts from her personal life.

In a few posts, the Australian mother revealed what it was like to care for four newborns and a toddler and how challenging it could be to give all her children the attention and love they needed.

With a whopping follower count of more than 38,000, Natalie often receives appreciation and love from her supporters, who flood her comment section with encouraging feedback.

Natalie’s social media profile is peppered with photos of the healthy diet she’s been adhering to, alongside her workout regime to stay fit and healthy. Her recent Instagram post from November 28, 2022, showed all five of her kids warming up with a quick yoga session. We are glad they’re following in their mother’s footsteps.

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