AH-64 Apache: You Had Better not to Get Trouble With this Bᴇᴀsᴛ

The AH-64 Apache is a twin-engine, four-bladed multi-mission attack helicopter designed to provide a very reliable airborne weapons delivery platform. It is built to battle and survive during the day, night, and in inclement weather all over the world.

After we all know about its sophistication, it’s time to see 8 variants of the helicopter:
#1 we have AH-64A The AH-64A is the original production attack helicopter. The crew sit in tandem in an armored compartment. It is powered by two GE T700 turboshaft engines. The A-model was equipped with the 701 engine version until 1990 when the engines were switched to the more powerful 701C version.
#2 AH-64B The AH-64B was a proposed upgrade to 254 AH-64As. The upgrade would have included new rotor blades, a Global Positioning System (GPS), improved navigation systems and new radios.
#3 AH-64C The C upgrade would include all changes to be included in the Longbow except for mast-mounted radar and newer 700C engine versions.
To find out more information about the AH-64, please watch video below:

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