An Injured Dog With Broken Legs Lying In A Blueberry Saw A Woman Coming Across…

Today we will tell you rescueing story of a girl who caught sight of an jured pittie who was stuck in a blueberry farm.

The black dog wasn’t moving, she wasn’t reacting to my voice and when she turned, her leg looks broken.

It took 30 to 40 minutes but it was a huge relief for me finally getting her in the van and get someone to help.

The girl took poor dog to the vet to check up and did an initial exam. “They stand her for a microchip, she didn’t have a micro trip so she came home with me.”

Two days later, she received her surgery slowly coming out of the sedation. Big thanks to those kind people who are willing to help poor animals. Please watch video below and share with your friends:

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