An old dog with immense pain in wounded ear could ultimately have a big cheerful smiling after being rescued

This old dog was virtually non-responsive due to excruciating pain and disorientation caused by a nasty ear wound full with maggots when neighbors discovered him and phoned us to the rescue. He may have just been hurt for a few days, but maggots had proliferated in the ear and compounded whatever damage the initial incision had caused, and he may have only had a few days to live.

We immediately began the overnight process of removing the maggots with medicated powder, and in the morning sedated him to complete the initial flushing and removal of dead tissue and maggots. With antibiotics, the wound thoroughly cleaned, and a bandage wrapped around his ear, he started feeling better almost immediately and showed us we had revived him with a great appetite.
This young man appeared to be a sorrowful, inner soul at times of distress.But wow, when his pain had eased, he turned out to be a big cheerful smiling ol’ sweetheart. We are so delighted to know that Tucker has many adventures ahead.
Watch video about story of Tucker as below:

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