Andrew Schimmer’s fiancee Jho Rovero passes away in coma: ‘Yung ating Sleeping Beauty, iniwan na niya tayo’

The fiancée of actor Andrew Schimmer, Jho Rovero, passed away following a protracted hospitalization.

A picture of their linked hands wearing what would have been their wedding bands was posted on Facebook by the actor along with the announcement.

In another Facebook video, he stated, “This is our Sleeping Beauty; she has left us brothers and sisters.”

After more than a year in a coma, Rovero passed away from complications brought on by severe asthma and heart arrest. She also experienced breathing problems due to hypoxemia, which is defined by lower-than-normal oxygen levels in the arteries.

Jho Rovero, the fiancee of actor Andrew Schimmer, has died after a long period of hospital confinement.

The actor made the announcement in a Facebook post, along with a photo of their intertwined hands, their fingers even wearing what would have been their wedding bands.

“The Love of my Life… my wife.. my best friend.. my partner in everything. Remember your promise, together forever,” he said.

“This is our Sleeping Beauty, she has left us brothers and sisters,” he said in a separate Facebook video post.

Rovero succumbed after more than a year in coma from complications due to severe asthma, cardiac arrest. She also suffered from hypoxemia, which is characterized by below-normal oxygen levels in the arteries, resulting in breathing difficulties.Schimmer said he learned about Rovero’s death while he was taping for Family Feud on GMA-7.

“Brothers, I’m just going to tell you the saddest and worst news you can hear. Earlier while I was on GMA during the taping of Family Feud, his doctors here at St Lukes called me that he suddenly lost his BP and everything. He lost everything, including his oxygen saturation (stopped talking), ” he said.

(My siblings, I want to tell you the saddest and worst news that you could hear. While I was in GMA for a taping for Family Feud, I received a call from doctors at St. Lukes who said that her BP and everything else went down, including her oxygen.)

“That’s why I said goodbye to GMA and I want to apologize for the management of Family Feud, I’m sorry because I couldn’t continue earlier because I had to run here (hospital). I reached out to him and was actually being revived by our doctors and nurses. They did everything they could, it was just pain,” he added.

Rovero was first brought to the St. Luke’s Hospital at the Bonifacio Global City for treatment in November 2021.

Since then, Schimmer had been asking for prayers for his partner, with whom he had two children. He would document her health progress in his YouTube channel to be able to generate additional income to cover her costly medical treatment.

Recently, he announced that he would no longer wait for the “right moment to come” before marrying his sick partner. “By GOD’s grace it will HAPPEN (emojis heart, praying hands) very very (emojis arrows).”

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