Andrew Schimmer’s son celebrates his 9th birthday at mom’s wake

Andrew Schimmer and Jho Rovero’s son Xander marked his 9th birthday with a wish to see his mom again, a day after she passed away while in coma.

Xander was seen blowing the candle of his birthday cake in front of his mom’s coffin, through a video on The Schimmer’s Facebook page on Wednesday, Dec. 21. The child then stayed in front of the coffin while expressing his longing for Rovero.

“I love you and I miss you. I have always wanted to spend more time with you, mommy,” Xander told his mom. “Mommy, today is my birthday. It’s my first time [to go to] 7-Eleven. I helped someone. I gave them noodles because that’s what you wanted.”

The kid then promised his mom that he, along with his sister Andrea and their dad, will “keep making [her] proud every single day.”

“I miss you super dearly. Someday we will see each other again,” he stated. “I just wish you were well again and come home.”
Rovero was first brought to the St. Luke’s Hospital at the Bonifacio Global City for treatment in November 2021. After more than a year in coma, Rovero succumbed from complications due to severe asthma, cardiac arrest. She also suffered from hypoxemia.

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