Awesome German Bridge Technology Used by US Forces With Super High Speed

Many people likely assume that planes are made for the air boats are made for the sea and cars are made for the land however entities like the United States Army as well as other nations flip that idea on its head with the use of floating Bridges.

Bridges use floats or shallow draft boats to support the crossing of land vehicles such as armored vehicles and tanks across the water, what is known as the buoyancy of the supports or the ability to float on water limits how much weight the bridge can carry. One type of Floating Bridge is the M3 amphibious rig which is a self-propelled Floating Bridge typically used for tanks and other vehicles specifically to get them over various water obstacles

The M3 may be used in several different missions including drills ahead of missions such as Defender Europe. Defender Europe is an annual large-scale U.S army-led joint exercise with several different NATO Nations participating according to the U.S army site the goal of the exercise is to build Readiness and interoperability between us NATO an partner militaries.

The union army during the US civil war deployed this type technology very successfully in offense towards the Confederates. Watch video below:

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