B-21 Raider – US Advanced Nuclear Weap0n That Frightened China

The B-21 b0mber program has received over $11 billion in financing over the last four years, which is more than enough to build two of the UK’s most sophisticated Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers. This tremendous spending for the B-21 is for a reason: China has been far too belligerent in recent years. Their military drills, threats to Taiwan, and targeting a US allied aircraft with a laser beam have not gone ignored, not to mention their seeming desperation concentration on hypersonic weap0ns, which the US military claims are hard to defend against.

If US relations with China were to degrade into war, the US would likely not wish to deploy troops to China’s mainland, where the largest standing army in the world would give China an advantage.
Instead, the US could have a fleet of the greatest b0mber ever to bombard their target with enough firepower to level the entire Chinese territory, and doing so stealthily enough that no radar picks where the rain of missiles is coming from. Hopefully, it never gets to that point but these capabilities and more are why the B-21 Raider is under development.
Watch video as below:

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