Bea immediately called John Lloyd about the ‘fake news’ growing: We both agreed that we will not be affected

It is still DEPENDENT on the plot and availability of Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz’s schedule whether their reunion film be made in 2023.

That’s what the Kapuso actress remarked when asked about what Lloydie called “false news” regarding the announcement of their next film together.

In recent days, there has been a report that John Lloyd stated that Bea’s declaration that they will do another film under Star Cinema is false.

In an interview with “24 Oras”, Bea clarified the said issue where it was revealed that she was lying about their reunion project because Lloydie denied it.

He said he immediately called John Lloyd regarding this, “Of course I called him immediately. After all, we are friends, I called him and he denied that he said that.”

He said, “We both agree that we will not be affected by anything (intrigue and gossip).”

Bea previously said that after her Kapuso primetime series with Alden Richards on GMA 7 “Start-Up PH” she will make a movie again.

And one of the things he wants is his reunion movie with John Lloyd, but he clarified, “It will all depend on the time between the two of us.

“If it matches and depends on the script if John Lloyd can read it and if he will agree to doing it,” Bea said in one of her interviews.

He added, “It’s very exciting and flattering because even though we’ve been together for so long, they still haven’t lost their interest in us.”

Bea has other films lined up under GMA Pictures, Reality MM Studios and Viva Films. That’s why Bea said that the blessings she received this 2022 will last until 2023.

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