Big Thanks To The Kind Woman Who Gave A Family For A Lonely Ram Had No Friends for 10 years

This lonely ram spent 10 years completely alone at this zoo, just absolutely miserable and laying by himself. Huxley really didn’t have anyone or anything, you could see on his face that he had completely given up on life. Today we will tell you story of Huxley and how he had a family.

We are Uncle Neil’s home, our sanctuary for rescued farmed animals. Huxley was rescued from a petting zoo, she was known to zoo goers as the depressed ram.

He was confined in a pen with no shelter no matter what the weather was. He was not being fed a proper diet. People really are just throwing things over the fence to him so he was very overweight which was really really hard on his body.

Additionally, he didn’t have a single friend. He spent every single day 24 /7 Day and Night in the corner by himself. It’s freezing outside he has no shelter, no one’s here, he’s all alone.

Huxley needs a lot of medical care he was neglected for so many years that he developed osteoarthritis. What the life of Huxley will be after rescueing? Please watch video below for full story:

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