Burning Battle: US First Hypersonic Cruise Missile Warning Russia

The battle for nuclear dominance between Russia and the United States ended decades ago. Today, a new one begins – the battle for hypersonic weap0n dominance. This time, China would join the US and Russia in the arms race. China has made significant progress in hypersonic weap0ns development. Among other things, the country has had a 100% success rate in testing the DF-17 hypersonic missile.

The latest test, however, was more than a test. It was carried out only 75 miles away from Taiwan perhaps as a warning to the US as an ally. Like China, Russia has also been making a statement with its hypersonic weap0ns, particularly its Kinzhal missiles.
On March 18, 2022, a month after invading Ukraine, Russia used hypersonic weap0ns at a speed of 7,500 miles per hour against a Ukrainian arsenal 136 meters deep. This is the first time a hypersonic missile has been used in actual combat. Since that attack, Russia has reportedly fired two more Kinzhals into Ukraine.
Successfully firing weap0ns whose very high speeds make them impossible to defend against, China and Russia have made their moves on the new arms race chessboard. It is now the US’s turn to make a move teaming with Australia to launch the world’s first hypersonic cruise missiles.
But first let’s get into hypersonic missiles – as, contrary to common knowledge, they’re about far more than blurry speeds.
Watch video below to discover:

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