Can Silky recover to walk? Her legs are severely broken…

Have you ever thought how animals felt when they are abandoned or hurt? Today we show the touching rescueing story of a poor dog.
Hit by a vehicle, this girl painfully dragged her back legs in circles.

Her spine was damaged and her hind legs hung lifelessly behind her. The pain must have been horrible. When her rescuers approached, she looked terrified, but had no means of escaping them. She submitted, and only when on the treatment table in the hospital, as we began our initial assessment, did she relax a little.

Our treatment protocol for spine injury is six weeks of bedrest. We always feel sorry that dogs don’t understand why confinement is necessary, but for the swollen tissue or fracture to have any chance to heal movement must be kept to a minimum.
We hoped that by being in a portable kennel, she would have plenty of stimulation with the sights and sounds all around her. After two weeks, daily physiotherapy sessions meant more than the slow introduction of movement. It meant touching, caressing and love. We named her Silky, and after her six weeks of rest, little changes led to big changes.

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