Can’t Take Eye of Carla Abellana’s Hubadera Lingerie Shoot named “woman after one-year marriage”

While it’s not uncommon for Carla Abellana to look gorgeous, her latest Instagram snap still stunned her more than 2.4 million followers. Shot by Niko Gonzales, Carla looks like you’ve never seen her before—showing off her sexy, feminine form in an all-black lace lingerie by stylist Chanda Espiritu. As for the beauty department, hairstylist Bianca Vergara kept her long tresses to perfection, while makeup guru Carissa Medved opted for a warm nude, accented with gorgeous peach Red lips for understated bombshell glamour.

On YouTube, the 36-year-old star opened up about the photoshoot, revealing that it was months in the making and was taken a year after marrying estranged husband Tom Rodriguez . She wrote: “We wanted it to be dark, deep, chaotic, bold and naked. It was months away, but for very important reasons. Eventually it fell into place, but I still don’t feel like I Get ready, but I just let go of all control and fear and dive right into it. “It falls on October 23, 2022. Exactly one year after I got married. Why? Simply because it’s the only day that everyone on the entire team is available to. Maybe for a more meaningful reason, we ask ? Well, God only knows.”

She also shared how the move empowered her. “I said a prayer to God before that day started and reminded myself that I was going to do it not for anybody else, but for myself. I figured it was time to honor and celebrate ME. I thank God for my life and the very blessing that I am alive today.”

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