Catriona Gray just posted on IG: “Today made me the happiest!”,is she and Sam Milby about to marry?

The most recent post by beauty queen-host Catriona Gray has gone viral on social media.
Catriona’s Instagram features a picnic arrangement in Australia.

Her boyfriend, actor Sam Milby, is also in the photo.

The caption said, “Today made me the happiest (cloud emoji).”

Because of that, many netizens became curious about the seemingly mysterious IG post of the beauty queen.

Fans’ questions on whether the celebrity couple is actually engaged can be seen in the comment section.

“Why does my mind think of a proposal the moment I read the caption,” sey ng isang fan.

Tanong pa ng isang netizen, “Did Sam propose to you? when is the big day. Will it be held in the Philippines, Australia or somewhere else?”

Someone who commented guessed, “I’m guessing this is a proposal (ring emoji)”

If you remember, it was the year 2020 when Catriona and Sam confirmed their true relationship.

Just last month, Sam admitted that he wanted to have his own family.

He said that at the Beautederm Corporation’s mediacon where he was launched as the new ambassador of the health boosters that are all original and made in Japan, Kenzen Yasaides, Reiko ShiroSan and Kenzen Mizu Plus.

Sam said, “Do I feel pressured? A lot of people are asking me that because most of my friends, they’re married, they have kids.”

At the age of 38, she also wants to have a baby, “I do, I’m excited.”

But is Catriona ready to get married, get pregnant and give birth to a baby?

Sam said, “She’s still young, I don’t want to answer for her but yes, we’ve already talked about it.”

The actor added, “It’s a stage that I’m excited and looking forward to. Watch out when that stage arrives. Of course, just wait, you too will be surprised.”

“I’m not getting any younger either, of course. I’m turning 39 next year,” Sam said with a laugh.

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