CH-53K King Stallion: The Largest Helicopter in the US Military

The CH-53K is the heavy lift replacement for the CH-53E in the United States Marine Corps. The CH-53K, the Department of Defense’s most powerful helicopter, is a new-build helicopter that will expand the fleet’s ability to move more stuff, more quickly throughout the area of responsibility by utilizing proven and mature technologies.

After years of development from the CH-53 series of helicopters, the formidable Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion now meets its larger and heavier younger brother, the CH-53K Kingston.

The king is a rock and the King will rise to the skies. The King Stallion helicopter built by Sikorski is known as the most powerful helicopter in the US has ever had in. Its fleet which has three times the lift capability of the CH-53E super stallion. The current recurring flyaway cost for the CH-53K is just under $91.6 million per aircraft, Maj. Jay Hernandez, a Marine Corps spokesman, told Marine Corps Times.

Watch video as below:

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