China Is Finally Experimenting On Its 6th Generation Fighter Aircraft

Foreign military must be interested in a country’s native technologies for it to be considered a real world power. In the previous 20 years, the United States has sold nearly $100 billion in aircraft, Russia comes in second with $62 billion, and China is far from third with $7 billion.

That’s a disappointing number for a nation expected to be near-peer with the US and Russia. And now, China is out to change that. If building the fifth-generation J-20 fighter packed with quality that rivals directly with US, Russian, and European jets wouldn’t make a dent in their export numbers, a sixth-generation fighter must.

Sixth generation fighter jet shocked us for a nation to be a true world power. Foreign militaries had to be interested in the nation’s local technology. The U.S has sold over 100 billion dollars worth of aircraft.

Please watch video below to discover more:

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