China Panic! US $4 Billion Submarine Is Eventually Ready For Action

The first Virginia SSN-774 went into operation in 2004. The United States Navy presently possesses 21 Virginia-class submarines. Montana, the most latest, was commissioned on June 25, 2022. This class of submarines will be built in a total of 38 units. Thirty-four of the abominations have even been given names. Silversides ordinal number SSN-807 is the final one. SSN-811 will be the final Virginia-class submarine.

The ocean is now the medium through which it’s most convenient to move strategic military forces and from which to launch strategic strikes. Proof of this is 10 US airstrike groups roaming the world’s oceans and dozens of nuclear submarines ready to deliver a lethal thermonuclear strike from the water column.

Russia is also trying to keep up and if Putin’s plans for aircraft carriers are very vague then his plans for submarines are very good.

Please watch video as below:

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