Christopher Quimbo Announces His Short Engagement To Alodia: ‘If You Know, You Know’

It was in November 2021 when cosplayer and vlogger Alodia Gosiengfiao announced her split from fellow vlogger Wil Dasovich. In a new interview, Alodia revealed that she and Wil called it quits a month before she posted about the status of their relationship.

In an interview with celebrity dermatologist, Vicki Belo, Alodia shared that her announcement regarding her split with Wil came later as she wanted to keep it under wraps. She said, “As much as possible, I didn’t want any noise, I didn’t want any drama, to be honest.”

Alodia continued, “But eventually, people kept on asking what happened, and I was flying to L.A. at that time and everyone in the airport was asking where was my ex. So it was hard for me to lie, kasi. Eventually, I had to post online so that people know.”

Fast forward to several months later, Alodia went Insta-official with her then–mystery man, Christopher Quimbo. The couple announced their engagement in July 2022 and Christopher was asked when he decided to propose. Addressing Alodia, the entrepreneur said, “Even after the first month of knowing you, I knew I was gonna propose to you.””Also, you’re very kind and humble,” Alodia added. “Our first issue with the bashers, we were thinking more of each other than ourselves.” Chris added, “We’re very different but I think we’re super compatible.”

When asked if he knew that Alodia was the one, Christopher said, “If you know, you know. I actually experienced it for myself. Well, if I know, why waste time?”

Alodia added that she and Christopher are both futurists. “We like dreaming about the future and when we talk about that, parang it was mostly very positive happy thoughts.” She also talked about feeling safe with Christopher. She added, “First of all, he understands my real personality. I already explained to him that I’m super shy, it’s hard for me to express myself and sometimes he explains myself better and I just agree!”

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