Creative Idea of An Utah Man That Turns “Cats Cooler” into The Cozy Home For Stray Cats

Even more important than winter food supplies are shelters (and homes) for stray cats. Cold and wet weather poses some risks to our cats. Because of this, Ogden, Utah resident Philip Rogic decided to build tiny homes for stray and feral cats. According to Phillips, everyone has a freezer in their garage but doesn’t use it. Because of this, he used these discarded coolers to create a dry, comfortable space for these stray cats to survive the harsh Utah winter.

“Normally, the cooler maintains a chilly temperature. Philip stated, “We plan to use it to keep animals warm. I have a 6-inch drill bit, and after you’ve drilled the hole, all you have to do is add some pipe insulation to cushion it. This will prevent cats from scraping against sharp edges, he said.

“And then on the inside, Philip explained, you just use a straw. Because straw can dry out, it has been utilized as animal bedding for hundreds of years. And there you have it! Cooler for cats! This-sized cooler has enough room for two or three cats!

In just a few minutes, Philip can convert an old cooler that would otherwise end up in a landfill into a cozy home where his cats can stay safe and warm during the harsh Utah winters. He worked on each cooler for about five minutes with little money and some effort.
Philip has built and distributed many shelters in his community. For Philip, the whole project is more of a passion, but he sees it not just as a project, but as a humanitarian gesture. To help those in need, be they human or animal, he must demonstrate how creativity and kindness can magically combine.
He claimed that “[feral cats] just disappeared and were ignored”. In winter, they also feel cold. They are living things. Their basic needs should be met because they are living beings. Phillips intends to build these coolers for feral cats this coming winter and in the years to come. If you’d like to donate materials or learn how to build some shelters yourself, you can connect with Philip on Facebook.
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