Dani Barretto’s husband expressed deep grief for his seven-year pet dog

Looking back on their moments with Finn, the couple’s seven-year-old companion dog who suddenly passed away, Dani Barretto and her husband Xavi Panlilio expressed sadness.

On Friday, December 23, according to her Instagram profile, Barretto expressed her longing for Finn, the dog who inspired her to fall in love with them.

“You’ll always be the first dog I ever loved. Rest in peace our best boy, Finn,” she said. “You’ll always be in my heart. We are gonna miss you so much. We already do.”

“Our bond over french fries will never change. I’ll still and will always save a piece for you,” she added. “Millie (the couple’s daughter) and I, will take care of your Dad. Don’t worry.”

Panlilio, for his part, recalled how doctors told him that Finn would only live for a year or two because of his medical conditions, which Panlilio did not immediately elaborate.

“Seven years ago, before Dani and Millie, it was you. You were all I had. When I was down and out and I was spiraling out of control it was you who was by my side,” he recounted. “You were always there to try to make me feel like I was at my best, you were there when I felt like a ghost and I needed attention, you were there when I felt the most alone and suddenly I felt like all I needed was you.”

“I hope you felt like I did everything I could for you to see another day. Because whether you know it or not, I know you did everything you could for me,” he stated. “Thank you so much for being my best boy. I could have never asked for a better best friend.”

Panlilio then vowed to never leave Finn’s side when they meet each other again in the afterlife.

“I cannot wait to be greeted by you when I step foot in the afterlife,” he concluded. “I love you so much, Finn. Look out for us, especially me. I still need you. Till I see you again.”

Barretto’s fellow celebrities who also expressed grief over Finn’s passing were her mom Marjorie, siblings Claudia and Leon, Gerald Anderson, Bela Padilla and Moira Dela Torre, among others.


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