Devoted dog couldn’t stop crying when he knew that he had been abandoned

Dogs are man’s best friends, known for their loyalty, compassion, and never-ending love. Humans can count on their faithful companions whenever they feel gloomy, but will they share the same feelings if the situation is reversed?

A man is well known in his company and having a pet is a wonderful companion. There are significant benefits to being with animals. These adorable creatures fight off bouts of loneliness and anxiety, showering their friends with TLC. Pet owners enjoy many health benefits, including improved emotional, mental and physical health. Many people prefer having a dog because of the extra unconditional love and security these four-legged friends can provide.
The dog named AJ is lying on the bed and he is filled with personal grief, which makes him breathe heavily and trembling, and his eyes are full of tears and sadness. And all this from the fact that the owner brought AJ to the shelter and left here, not wanting to take care of him anymore. The clever dog felt this and realized that his owner had betrayed him and would never return to him. After that the dog could not stand it and cried.
“When you bring a dog in to your family, that is a life long commitment.” Never think that a dog is only a dog, cause they do have feeling like us. When we start to choose them as our friends, they also consider us as their only forever soulmate.
When the dogs arrived, they did great walking on a leash, but they felt confused and started missing home over time. The shelter workers hoped social media users could help find the dogs a loving family.

Today, human kindness is needed more than ever. We should all make an effort to not let our busy lives get in the way of altruistic behaviour and to reconnect with the innate gift of human kindness that lies within each one of us. Watch video below:

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