Due to this missile, Now The Entire World Is Frightening Of Japan

Even with America’s military protection umbrella, Japanese post war success certainly impressed us all. But it’s no longer the choice. Japan’s defenses are put under pressure due to North Korea’s nuclear ambitions and China’s increasingly aggressive activities with more than 3000 active aircraft. So, the time has come for them to finally show off the country’s full military potential by presenting the world’s best sixth generation fighter, destined to outperform the US F-35 and keep China’s Air Force at bay.

Japan has already demonstrated very advanced capabilities in many relevant fields of research and development including world-leading composite material and radar technologies. The country was the first to deploy a fighter with an acer radar the F2 and the first to deploy an air-to-air missile guided by such radars something the US and Russia both have yet to achieve.

And recently Japan unveiled a F-35. The Fx is planned to be a generation ahead of the F-35 and a solid rival for Chinese and Russian stealth fighters while the core design including airframe and engine has already been finalized right around the time that the F2 jet is. Due to be phased out billion dollars while, the overall fx program is expected to cost Japan another 45 billion dollars. Additionally Japan signed a contract with Lockheed Martin valued at around 23 billion dollars for purchasing around 200 F-35s.

It remains to be seen if Japan’s defense sector can juggle two costly procurements simultaneously but there’s still a few central questions like for what does Japan need an expensive FX fighter fleet and additional two squadrons of imported f-35s for?
Watch video below to know more:

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