E-2D Advanced Hawkeye: A Beast Can Fear Any Aircrafts

The E-2D Advanced Hawkeye (AHE) replaces the E-2C Hawkeye as the newest model of the E-2 aircraft platform. It has a cutting-edge radar with a two-generation leap in capabilities, as well as updated aircraft systems that will boost supportability and readiness. Enhanced battle space target detection and situational awareness, particularly in the littorals; support for Theater Air Missile Defense (TAMD) operations; and improved operational availability are key E-2D objectives. The E-2D achieved first operational capability in October 2014, and the Navy continues to invest in future capabilities to meet the strike group’s and the overall force’s command and control objectives.

The latest E2 version, the E2D advanced Hawkeye is a game changer in how the Navy conducts battle management command and control to progressing the mission by serving as the digital quarterback to sweep ahead of strike manage the mission and keep the net-centric carrier battle groups out of Harm’s Way no matter what it may be.

The E-2T provides the Warfighter expanded battle space awareness especially in the field of information operations including battle management, theater air and missile defense and multiple sensor fusion capabilities in an airborne system.

Watch video as below:

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