Elephant Trapped In Overflowing River Begs For Human Help

Animal rescue is a much-needed social service that helps protect animals from dangerous situations that often involve cruelty and abuse. Many animals are turned into shelters due to evictions, expensive health concerns, or other unavoidable circumstances. Often it is easy to villainize the people who surrender their animals, but as animal advocates, we must keep in mind that oftentimes people are surrendering as they believe it is best for the animal or they’ve tried everything else.
Today in this post we will show you how people built a ladder to help this little elephant escape from drowning in an overflowing canal.

This elephant is stuck in a canal, that’s rapidly filling with water. People try to guide him safe ground but it doesn’t work.
The water is too deep. They start making a laddle to help him climb out.
He take a quick break and is finally ready to climb safety
Bless the people for caring and saving this small elephant. That was a heck of a thoughtful move to get the elephant out of the water.
 When we find ourselves in trouble and crying out for help, others may throw us a lifeline, but it’s up to us to climb out of the situation on our own strength as they standby with support and encouragement. When we get tired from the struggle, it’s ok to stop and take a rest before resuming our effort. Working together as a team more often leads to success rather than when we go it all alone. When you are finally out of your struggle, thank those who helped you and then go on your way. There’s more life to be lived and maybe you can help someone else the way you were helped.
Congratulation young boy - Photo cut from video
Congratulation young boy – Photo cut from video

Even though our daily news brings us the misery of the many world’s conflicts, it’s so heartening to see there’s so much kindness left in humans. Hopefully, some of that kindness we have for our children and animals will someday be the kindness sharesd with our enemies at war. Please watch following video to share this kindness:

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