Eventually: NATO Most Devastating Tanks Appear in Ukraine

The T-90M is one of Russia’s most impenetrable tanks, but it was recently destroyed in Ukraine – one of just 100 built by Russia. Worse, the destruction of 1% of their T-90M tanks occurred just days after the tank had been deployed by infantry employing MANPADS. Another military loss, another embarrassment for Russia, and a dissatisfied Russia might react with even more T-90M tanks.

Ukraine would need more than MANPADS to take on a fleet of advanced Russian tanks. And this more, that they need, might be coming from a NATO country, in the form of the American M1A2C Abrams Main Battle Tank or the German Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank, which, reports say, Ukraine is already attempting to buy from Spain.

The T-90M is one of Russia’s most indestructible tanks but it’s just been destroyed in Ukraine. One of only 100 that Russia has managed to build. Even worse, this destruction of one percent of their T90M tanks was an unceremonious one.

Watch video below to discover more:

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