Eventually: NATO Taking Test For Its NEW 6th Generation Tempest Fighter Jet!

BAE Systems has previously proposed a virtual cockpit idea for the sophisticated sixth-generation combat aircraft tempest, on which construction is set to begin soon. According to Defense News, the new virtual cockpit features will be brought to the pilot’s range of visual awareness through a customized helmet-mounted display. In this scenario, the presented information may be tailored to individual conditions, with several options accessible.

Rishi sunak the new British prime minister announced on December 10 this year a collaboration between Britain Italy and Japan to develop a new fighter jet with artificial intelligence and this he said would create thousands of jobs in Britain and strengthen the security ties for people who follow the development of world aviation. The statement of a high-ranking British official was not a sensation the British program to build a sixth generation fighter tempest has existed for five years.

It was presented at the farm Borough Air Show back in 2018 by the country’s then prime minister Theresa May so Rashid sunak’s statement can be called 100 political. The new prime minister is thus trying to strengthen both her credibility and that of Great Britain by stating literally. We are one of the few countries in the world that can build technologically advanced fighter jets.

So what this tempest fighter will be and what the British establishment hopes for it? Watch this video below to discover:

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