Eventually: The French Scariest Long-Range Howitzer Caesar Is Already In Ukraine!

One of the deadliest weap0ns in Ukraine is the CAmion Équipé d’un Système d’ARtillerie, or Caesar in short. France provided the Ukrainian army with six of these weapons, each costing $7.5 million, in order to fend off Russian forces. The most recent of these six to land in Ukraine touched down during the past month, bringing the total number of Caesars there to 18.

To show gratitude, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense posted a video on Twitter that ended with a request for more. And hours later a new batch of six was promised by President Macron of France. This batch would be gotten from the 19 Caesars ordered by Denmark, with the stamp of approval from the Danish government.
This would be the fourth batch of Caesars shipped to Ukraine by France, bringing the total count to 24 units.
Watch video below:

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