Eventually the MOST Cutting-Edge US Fighter Jet Is Ready For Action!

Engineers must continually push the frontiers of their skills in order to create military technologies. China and Japan are already working on fantastic planes, but the United States remains in the forefront for the time being. Their new fighter can annihilate the adversary before they even realize what is happening. In reaction to enemy missiles, it can produce a hundred holograms and launch drones that emit electromagnetic waves that damage all electronics, while other kamikaze drones strike the enemy like a meteor shower!

Even laser weapons capable of splitting the thickest armor can’t do anything to this aircraft thanks to its unique defense system! Pilots were already saying that the plane felt like an extension of their bodies, but now they’ll be in even closer contact…
Just imagine; this new invention will be able to read minds, and possibly replace the pilot entirely! Finally the most advanced US fighter jet is ready for action!
Watch video below:

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