Fabulous Appearance of A Sheep “Before and After” When The Rescuer Team came

The lady called us sent a ship on our hills with massive amounts of whoa. There’s no wage. The last of this winter, we got as many of our volunteers and we walked up the mountain. It was really hard to break and then we found it Victoria had been abandoned on that mountain for over five years.

We had to carry her out on the stretchervit was about 90 kilos were trying to carry it.

Imagine that you have fur like this sheep but you bring it for 5 years, you will feel how poor this sheep be like.

200-pound sheep looked like a walking cloud

Rescuer team shave the fur for this ship without any harm washes being shown.

200-pound sheep looked like a walking cloud
200-pound sheep looked like a walking cloud

An audience said: “That poor girl she must have been suffering, I’m so happy she was rescued and will live a happy life now. It’s really good for my mental health to see that there’s still people out there with kind hearts.” Watch video below to see the result of beautiful sheep:

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