Father and son Erwan and Baby Dahlia keep bothering netizens : ‘OMG! I’m crying right now!’

Erwan Heussaff, a French-Filipino content developer, shared a poignant social media message.

This was their heartwarming interaction with Anne Curtis’s daughter, Baby Dahlia.

A compilation video of his family’s pleasant bonding moments may be watched on Instagram.

He also shared the heart-to-heart talk he had with his son in the caption.

Erwan’s story, he asked Baby Dahlia one day if she was happy.

The son replied that he was happy because he was not working.

Caption ng content creator, “I asked Dahlia the other day if she was happy and she said ‘yes, because you’re not working’.”

Because of that, Erwan reminded all parents like him not to forget to give time to their children.

“Be present folks,” he said in the IG post.

Thousands of netizens seemed to be related and moved to tears in Erwan’s post.

Here’s some of what we read in the comment section:

“Oh my gosh I’m crying right now, when I saw your post I immediately asked my daughter is she’s happy and she gave me the same answer, ‘Because mommy has no work.’”

“They watch, they observe but they won’t tell you unless you ask them. Their simple words will strike your heart.”

“We can learn so much from our little ones.”

“I cried (crying face emoji)”

Just this November, Erwan and Anne celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary.

The couple vacationed with their daughter Dahlia at a beach.

It was in 2017 when the two got married in New Zealand, and in 2020 when the actress gave birth to their first baby in Australia.

Anne returned to the world of showbiz only in 2022 after taking a break to focus on her family.

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