Funny moment the baby elephant plays with the reporter

Have you ever seen an interesting moment like this? A baby elephant interrupted a young reporter by sticking its trunk in his face as he delivered a report at Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi, Kenya in a hilarious and wholesome moment caught on camera.

Kauda talked about the effects of human activity on the world in his paper, particularly in the apparent sanctuary of the red elephant species in Kenya. They bathe in red soil, which gives them their red appearance, which is why they are known as ‘red elephants. ‘Kauda explains how animals are being displaced as a result of changes in our ecology. This young elephant decides to play a game with Kauda.

During the report, he tries to touch Kauda’s ears as a small elephant trunk touches him on the shoulder.

Kauda, a journalist with a bright smile, talked about animals, protecting the environment, and conservation until the small trunk reached the nose and mouth.

Did you know that there are approximately 150,000 muscle units in an elephant’s trunk?

Some elephants are able to choose a peanut, paint, or even collect flowers as a result of this.

The young elephant was smart and playful at the same time. Kauda pulled his mouth and nose together and began to laugh.

“At first I felt the elephant trunk’s contact on my back but decided to keep going because I was doing my almost 10th take of my piece to camera,” Kaunda told Storyful. “I wasn’t gonna let anything stop me. Until the baby elephant stuck its trunk in my mouth.”

Some people comment for this hilarious moment: “They say elephants look at us like we look at puppies haha This certainly backs that up, so sweet and playful with him….” Watch this video below for funny scene:

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