Getting astonished that these dangerous animals turn out making no harm

There are various kinds of animals all over the world. Some of them have no fear of humans, have never seen one and think they’re just another animal. Some may have been rescued or even rehabilitated by humans, and remember they helped them, and others may sense that the person has no fear of them and accept them as not being prey. Animals have an uncanny ability of sensing people’s emotions. Today we will ensure that you will be astonished to see some of animals looks dangerous but caught being friendly. Let’s get started!

What if she gets in the car enjoy the experience? A black bear family wants to join the picnic. A large bear is recorded giving kisses in the backyard. She’s after the meat so she knew here is footage of a backyard bearing counter.

A man feeds a wild crocodile at close range. “I want to pet him” and the crocodile seems to be the man’s pet.

“I wanted to be friends with all the animals. Had to be scary and so cool. The lizard hopping on dude and being his friends was awesome, as was the Orca smiling big for the camera. Those croc and gator feedings were awesome too. Was fun to watch. Great video”- An audience comments
“Amazing video, up close & personal. I was even more amazed on how muscular the kangaroo was. Those biceps & forearms can knock anyone out!”- Other humourous viewer told.

These tourists are in shock by how friendly these lions are. They considered humans as their friends and played with them.

People are friends, not food. And we are humans, please treat other animals as parts of our lives, cause when we consider them our friends, they will also. Watch this video below:

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