Having married for 75 years, this couple had an END they dreamed of their whole lives

Janet and Alexander lived in the same neighborhood, their families were very close, and they also began to forge a beautiful friendship over time. They got along so well that they decided to be a couple, just as they saw it with their mom and dad, but what seemed to many to be a simple child’s game would later turn into something bigger.

Both focused on preparing themselves to become the best professionals they could be so they studied hard and managed to graduate from their careers. With this goal achieved they also decided it was time to take the next step and be joined in marriage. The children soon followed and the house was always full of laughter and Mischief from their five little ones until Alexander had to enlist in the navy where he worked as a telegraph operator.

Until his service ended the family moved to the big city. Sometime later once there Janet and her husband started their advertising and fashion photography company. The success of their Venture was quickly recognized due to their excellent skills in their work.

But they were always remembered for something else they were never apart from each other. All their relatives, friends, clients and children constantly talked about their firm and true love for each other.

All that love was also expressed to their 10 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren filling their weekends with joy once again. However one morning while Alexander was going through some things in the Attic he suffered to fall from the stairs that caused a severe fracture in his hip.

He was taken to the doctor and was soon diagnosed to undergo surgery a high-risk decision considering he was already a grown man.

Janet was by his side at all times after several months he was discharged but he had been so severely affected by the fact that he could never walk again. To see full story of this couple, watch video below:

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